Buy a house from only 11.950€ to live or to rent.

Your house in an eco beach village.

At the paradisiacal island of Sumba (Indonesia 🇮🇩) an hour away from Bali.

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Sumba: discover it with us

This is THE island. Click play and have a glimpse of what paradise can be. 

A paradise island in Indonesia, full of deserted beaches and crystal clear waters inhabited by an exceptional aquatic fauna.

Once on land, the coconut trees, waterfalls and rice fields confirm: yes, you have arrived in paradise.

The island has 2 airports, roads and we will provide fast WIFI, electricity, drinkable water, etc…

But… why Sumba?

Very simple: It offers all the comforts of the West in the heart of paradise.

But wait there is much more…

Here is a great list of reasons to come to Sumba

Take advantage of paradise

When you buy a plot you get all the benefits of being part of the community (events, company creation, activities, access to facilities and much more...)

You won´t miss anything

Here you have everything you need for a comfortable and carefree life. For you or your tenants.

Cost of living (eco-living)

Very low cost of living compared to the West. Get a bigger return for your money.

Easy to get to

With direct flights to Bali (only 1 hour) and other destinations.

Move around easily

Buy or rent a motorcycle for about € 30 / month and travel the island from north to south.


Remember this name: Tokopedia, one of the largest Indonesian E-commerce companies. In 2 to 3 days they will deliver your order to your home.

What will it look like?

At first glance, 1,200,000 square meters, beachfront.

If you look closely, you will see an Eco Beach Village where wellness, health, leisure and a paradise island come together in a perfect combination.

There is space for two different areas: the residential area and the main building with the common facilities.

Throughout the communal areas you will find:

Beach Club to enjoy your free time.

Gym & Sports Club with tennis, padel, basketball, soccer and more.

Coworking and events. Launch your startup and we help you make it grow

Restaurants options: vegan, vegetarian, local food, Italian and Spanish... ¡& more!

Supermarket, laundry room eco shops and more...

Opening 2025

Inauguración de la primera ecociudad del planeta: 2025

Live sustainable

We are committed to the conservation of Sumba


Therefore, apart from building very low-impact homes, we will:

As a future resident, we encourage you to immerse yourself in the local culture from day one and participate in the daily life of the island to further enrich this vital experience.

An ideal setting for every environmentally conscious entrepreneur

If you want to be a winner, you have to surround yourself with winners.

We think that entrepreneurship and the world of the internet is not only the future but the present.

For this reason, investing in Eco Beach Village includes participating for free in our entrepreneurship program, and venture builder.

An investment with an expected annual return of 10-30%

Estimated at about € 500,000 in 80 years, expenses aside.

Sounds good right? (Check us on TV  talking about our real estate first project in Indonesia).

The formula is as follows:

Yes, every month; even if your house has not been rented.

Because we distribute the profit among the owners who use our rental service.

This assure you  a passive income throughout the year. 

Now let´s talk numbers

We sum it up for you

Buy your plot of land with a concession of 80 years (until the year 2102) + extendable. First investors will get a better price as it will be increased the closer we get to the opening date.

After making the reservation and signing the contract, the plot of land is paid.

We guarantee your rights by contract. We send it to you by mail [email protected]

How it works

These are the steps to buy your house in Sumba


Send your request of information and we will contact you to begin the
steps to start to proceed with the reservation contract that will change your life (for the  better!)


Pay 11.950 € and maintenance expenses (that would corresponde to you as the owner of the plot) and every three months we will send you updates on the stage of the project.


From summer 2025 or before you will have your plot of land and property ready to live in or rent it an eco beach village.

Who is behind
Eco Beach Village?

Let us introduce ourselves…


We are PT Eco Beach City (Indonesian government approved company). Our aim is to create environments with everything you need to launch startups.

In 2014 we organized our first event, Startup Mansion, where 32 Spanish entrepreneurs lived in New York a unique acceleration experience with the aim of developing different digital projects.

Since then, we have created experiences around the world faithful to our formula for success: providing ideal environments for digital entrepreneurs like us to make their projects come true.

In recent years, many nomads proposed creating a place that combines a quiet lifestyle on a nice island with an entrepreneurial aspect.

Now building The Startup Island and soon, Eco Beach City.

What is next??

Eco Beach Village!

Carlos de Ory

Investor & Founder

Serial Entrepreneur 10+ Years Experience in organising Startups Events, Co-livings, travel websites and real estate.

Nuestras experiencias Startups alrededor del mundo

To sum up

Join Eco Beach Village and get:

An eco house with all the comforts.
Life in an eco and premium complex in paradise.
An entrepreneurial environment where you can start your own projects.
An investment opportunity with a high annual return.

If you already made up your mind, contact us:

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