And why living the 'digital nomad life' is actually easier than you think...

If you think of living the digital nomad life, I am sure you have considered traveling to Bali for some time to live and work abroad. 


You may know someone who did it or might have looked at lots of gorgeous jealous making pictures on Instagram of the many digital nomads, influencers, entrepreneurs or even families who have moved abroad, while dreaming of taking that step yourself.


South-East Asia and in particular Bali, is becoming a paradise haven for digital nomads who have taken the leap to work while traveling, or even settling for the ultimate nomad experience and move abroad. 


Since the cost of living is so low compared to Western countries, moving to Bali is a lot easier than you might think.


However, it all comes down to your own preferred lifestyle and the choices you make. 

Read further to find out how much money you need to live in Bali

Before we will dive into the costs of living in Bali, it goes without saying that it will depend on a lot of factors and the choices you will make. It is possible to live in Bali on a budget as from $500 per month as a backpacker enjoying a simple yet happy life, while others have a more luxurious lifestyle and spend about $3,000 per month. 


Bali has a lot to offer, from fancy restaurants to activities such as diving and yoga. If you move with your kids, it is good to know that international schools can cost between $8,000 and $20,000 per year depending on the age of your child. The quality of the international schools varies, and it does not always give the quality of schooling compared to what you pay for it. 


Overall, the cost of living in Bali is comparable to other spots in Asia, but there are differences in terms of quality of life. For example, because Bali is a true expat haven, expect lots of luxury to choose from compared to Vietnam or Thailand, the latter countries are a better decision for expats living on a budget. 


Let’s start with a summary of monthly expenses… 



Average monthly expenses in $






Eating out and drinks


Other (housecleaning, laundry, phone)


Total expenses



$ 300 – 1200

$ 70

$ 150 – 200

$ 15

$ 50 -90

$ 150 – 300

$ 70 – 200

$ 80 – 300


$ 1000 – 2000


The biggest monthly expense in Bali will be housing costs. How much you will pay to rent a house will depend on the type of housing that you choose, and where you want to stay in Bali. Ubud might be al little cheaper compared to Canggy or Seminyak, but expect rent to be between $250 (private guesthouse) and $1300 (luxury villa). 

For those looking for a long-term rent, you should be able to find a decent place for about $500 per month. 

Before you move to Bali, decide what kind of house you want, for example if you want to share a house or if you want to rent an entire villa (this is still affordable compared to western prices). We would recommend booking an Airbnb for the first few weeks so you can explore Bali and find the perfect place for you while you are there. 

You can already find a bungalow in Ubud on Airbnb for about $ 250 per month, depending on what time of year you arrive. 

Solo travelers who want to meet other people, can find good and affordable options in a dorm room in a hostel, priced from $ 5 per night.


Another category that you cannot go without off course, is food. However, food in Bali can be very cheap if you know where to eat. This can cut your cost of living considerably and, a big plus: Balinese food is delicious! 


You can find a local meal from a warung (Balinese street food spot) which will typically costs you just about $2. Western food will cost you a little more, prices start usually around $5. Do you want to go to a fancier restaurant? Around Seminyak for example, a meal in a fancy restaurant can cost you up to $20. 

For shopping groceries on a budget, you can best go for local produced foods in contrast to food that is imported such as cheese and pasta. Imported food can be far more expensive. The location of the supermarket will also influence how much you pay for your groceries, find a local pasar instead of an area full of foreigners if you want to live more budget proof. 


The most cost effective and convenient way to move around on Bali, is to rent a scooter. It is quite impossible to go from one place to the next by public transportation. A scooter will cost you around $ 50 in rent per month and gas about $ 10 per month. 

As you are probably used to high (public) transportation costs in the west or the current high gas prices, you will be saving yourself lots of money just by living in Bali.


Of course, if you are not keen to drive yourself, you can always grab a (bike) taxi, but this will naturally increase your monthly transportation costs significantly (up to around $ 250 per month).



Bali offers a lot of fun things and activities to do! For the scuba fans amongst us, you cannot live in Bali without diving once in a while. For the ones that haven’t yet experienced diving, take your chance and cross it off from your bucket-list. Going on a 2-dive trip will cost around $65 – 80. There is no excuse why you cannot stay fit: you can hit the gym where you can expect to pay around $20 – 35 for a monthly gym membership. 

Soaking up the Balinese culture and exploring all the beautiful places that the island provides, the options for great activities are endless. Find out the 10 best things to do in Bali here. 

The island of Bali is also well-visited among yoga enthusiasts who want to become yoga teacher certified. Yoga classes can be found just about everywhere.  

Bottom line, you can tailor your life on Bali to your own desires and budget. With a low average cost of living, there is no reason why it should not be possible for you to live the digital nomad life. 

Go ahead, become a digital nomad today and make your escape to paradise. 

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